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Asian Haus

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Asian Haus is welcome at our house anytime

Delhi delivery options have improved in recent years, though the experience is still often marred by a painful ordering process, forgotten dishes, Pepsi swapped for Coke, and worst of all, leaky cartons. Asian Haus is the brainchild of Kula Naidu, who previously ran the efficient, tasty Malaysian delivery service Kalayan, and then opened the Chinese restaurant, FU (both of which have since shut down).  We’re not surprised that Asian Haus delivers on the gourmet Asian cuisine it promises, and then some. This new order-out outfit offers dishes from Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore, summarily ignoring the Indian-Chinese favourites that occupy menus elsewhere. Based in Greater Kailash-I, Asian Haus delivers throughout the city, even Gurgaon (though further distances may incur an extra delivery cost).

Our food arrived steaming hot, in leak-proof plastic enclosed in stylish corrugated cardboard boxes. It gets better: chopsticks and clean wipes are included. We tried four dishes and they were all winners: Cantonese chilli fish, in a fiery sauce accented with roasted cashews; mapo tofu, soft as silk; golden battered prawns with smooth wasabi mayonnaise; and sweet sesame chicken. There’s a caveat, though: this Haus isn’t cheap – it’ll run you restaurant prices – but the portions are generous, with plenty for leftovers. Asian Haus is welcome at our house anytime. 


Hawker rice vegR275
Sticky riceR175
Haus sesame chickenR345
Cantonese chilli fishR415
Wasabi prawnsR365
Mapo tofuR325
Taxes included 

By Simran Bhalla on September 28 2012 8.33am

Asian Haus details

Asian Haus
87, Zamrudpur, , 110048
Telephone +91 11 6580 0500
Alcohol: No
Timings: Daily

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